Distributor as a service

Working together with passionate founders to help establish their brand in a  foreign market without the middleman margin. 

Operations. Marketing. Sales


Our team has over 30 years of combined experience in

product development, business strategy, brand building and sales

Putting the best brands in their best light

We focus exclusively on helping start-ups with impactful hardware products find their product market fit, understand the world of distribution, selling B2B2C, launching and building a brand.


Building a global brand means;

control, control, control.

Before you outsource your future lets assess you needs and develop a sustainable strategy.


New and innovative products need new and innovative ways to sell.

There's no demand for products people don't know, understand and cant find.

We work strategically in all distribution, sales and marketing channels using the product life cycle as our guide and measuring stick.


We help you find and negotiate with operational partners in all markets you trade.

Hassle Free

Our goal is to integrate as painlessly as possible with your team and vision, adding value where we can and exiting whenever you wish us to.

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Hopsta is a City of Rotterdam funded initiative.
Helping Rotterdam startups go to market.





 a go to market launchpad

Hopsta is open to all Dutch start-ups

but if you are a start-up registered in the city of Rotterdam, the City has funded us to help you.

Learn more about our Rotterdam      and Hopsta

pay it forward model. 


Oak & Mie BV, Stationsplein 45 A4.004, 3013AK Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 


Pioneering a new way to a global market, putting the customers needs first.