Your body isn’t static. Your orthotic shouldn’t be either.

45% of the population suffers from misalignment in their feet. Discover a revolutionary solution for foot misalignment that's as dynamic as your body. At Gyrafit, we understand that your body is always in motion, so why settle for static orthotics?

Aligning You with Comfort and Precision.

Our insole orthotics are designed to seamlessly integrate with your treatment program. With Gyrafit's adjustable orthotic, you'll experience instant, customized correction that can be fine-tuned throughout your recovery.

No more waiting for outsourced solutions. Whether you're focused on post-surgery or injury rehabilitation or addressing pain stemming from deteriorating misalignment, Gyrafit offers a quick, easy, and in-house orthotic solution that you can diagnose and fit on the spot.

Precision in your hands.

Gyrafit's adjustable orthotic puts the power of precision in your hands. Achieve the exact correction your patient needs and witness the progress over time.

Say goodbye to time-consuming processes. Gyrafit's insole orthotic solutions are quick and hassle-free, thanks to digital-aided measurement, recording, and recovery tracking.

Don't compromise on precision, time, or income.

With Gyrafit, you have a dynamic, customizable, and on-demand solution that aligns perfectly with your needs. Say goodbye to the wait and hello to precision, immediately.

Simple, fast, digital-aided measurement, recording and recovery tracking.

Gyrafit’s free app will help you measure the exact angle of correction needed as well as give you and your patient a visual record of your treatment effectiveness over time.