2024 Goal

70% of the population don’t drink enough water.

Vestal+ not only flavors water, but enhances it. Ensuring each sip of water has you coming back for more. Using newly developed technology to filter AND flavor your water, all-in-one, Vestal+ is the best option to kickstart your hydration journey.

What Makes Vestal Different?

1. Venturi Supplement Control (VSC)

  • The only water bottle that can add flavor and supplements to “on the go” filtered water.

  • 3 flow control settings to manage water flow over the supplements and flavors in the enhancement distribution chamber, to regulate dosage.

2. Sip Assist System (SAS)

      • Unique passive membrane pump

      • Auto fill clean water chamber taking

      • Clean water chamber means you sip not suck

3. Purification Filter

        Effectively Filters:

        • chlorine 
        • odors 
        • submicron particulates 
        • organic acids 
        • virus, bacteria, cysts 
        • cell debris
        • trace  pharmaceuticals
        • microplastics

        **Ahlstrom Disruptor® filter media is a new technology representing an alternative to the use of membranes. The future goal would be to apply King’s Flair Nano-Filter material to replace the current spec filter

Water Flavoring &  Food Supplementation

Not just water purification but enhancement to keep our customers coming back.

Creating new opportunities to increase revenue through developing our own range of supplements and flavors or partner with existing supplement companies to access their network and grow our filter subscription business.