2024 Goal

Bringing together genuine passion and creativity.

Meet REDBARISTA, the champions of global rooibos storytelling. Their goal is to unveil the world of South African rooibos artisans, crafters, and storytellers to the global stage. They are dedicated to pioneering and championing the versatility of this powerful local herb, opening doors to a myriad of possibilities in the global market. Their mission perfectly aligns with Oak & Mie's ultimate goal of propelling volume through our HORECA and wholesale channels. Together, we're on a journey to redefine the global narrative of South African rooibos, fueled by passion and creativity.

Rooibos: More Than a Beverage, It's a Movement

Rooibos isn't just a drink; it's a vibrant movement and a symbol of South African craftsmanship. Our mission is to introduce the European and UK markets to the remarkable creativity and uniqueness of South African Rooibos products. We're here to create and share new Rooibos experiences, unveiling the uncharted potential of this incredible herb. Our ultimate aspiration is to provide a powerful platform for small South African Rooibos craft brands, enabling them to shine brightly on the global stage. Together, we're brewing a revolution that goes beyond the teacup.

Cultivating True Connections.

REDBARISTA values authentic connections and thrives on nurturing a tight-knit community. We walk hand in hand with our partners, farmers, and communities, fostering an environment of shared growth and prosperity.

With every product, our aim is to ignite creativity, infuse health and vitality, and unlock the numerous benefits of Rooibos in innovative ways. Our goal is to awaken the world to the remarkable potential of Rooibos. It's not just a tea; it's a movement and a symbol of South African craftsmanship.

From South Africa to the world.

With REDBARISTA, South African artisans take the express route to the international market, saving valuable time and resources compared to building distribution networks from the ground up. REDBARISTA acts as a bridge between local creativity and the global stage, sharing South African ingenuity and the innovation of Rooibos with the world.

REDBARISTA opens doors for Rooibos artisans, granting them access to the tea-loving European market. As the marketing and direct-to-consumer arm of Oak & Mie's Rooibos-focused distribution division, we streamline the process of reaching the global audience, offering a cost-effective alternative to starting distribution from scratch. In the process, REDBARISTA contributes positively to the community, while serving as a platform for South African creativity and Rooibos innovation to shine on the global stage.

A Rooibos Revolution

REDBARISTA isn't just about tea; it's a journey deeply rooted in Rooibos innovation. Our dedication lies in propelling South African Rooibos craft brands to new horizons, transcending borders, and building robust partnerships. We're united by an authentic passion for creativity, sparking a journey that unveils the boundless potential of Rooibos.

Our mission goes beyond beverages; it's about crafting wellness and igniting global inspiration through the unique artistry of South African craft. Join us as we sip from the cup of limitless possibilities and celebrate the remarkable world of Rooibos.




Headers - Riverbend Regular

Body - Bricolage Grotesque

This caffeine-free herbal infusion hails from South Africa and boasts a naturally sweet, earthy flavor, making it a delightful choice for tea enthusiasts. Rooibos tea is rich in antioxidants, including aspalathin and quercetin, which support immune health and may reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Its anti-inflammatory properties can help alleviate allergies and skin conditions. Furthermore, rooibos tea is prized for its ability to ease digestive discomfort and promote relaxation, making it a soothing bedtime beverage. Whether enjoyed hot or iced, rooibos tea is a well-rounded and flavorful option that caters to various tastes and offers a plethora of health advantages.